Pleco & Catfish Algae Wafers – artificial aufwuchs for ornamental fish

Pleco & Catfish Algae WafersMost loricariids and many other fish eat aufwuchs. Aufwuchs is a loanword from German language and means something like overgrowth. It describes a conglomeration of herbal and animal organisms which form a living film on stones, rocks, wood, roots and any substrate. It is a species community of algae, bacteria, crustaceans, worms, insect larvae and different microorganisms. This living ensemble is nourishment for many species.

Discusfood developed a new kind of fish feed especially for plecos and other bottom fish. Its name is “Pleco & Catfish Algae Wafers”. The ingredients of Pleco & Catfish Algae Wafers imitate the nutritient composition of aufwuchs. The wafers are not pressed waste powder of other food production. This food is made like granules, only shaped in small chips. Granules are made by an extruder process. That is the best way to produce dry fish food. This way of feed production does not need heat. All valuable nutrients and vitamins survive.Pleco & Catfish Algae Wafers 50g & 150g bags

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Discusfood at the fair Aqua-Fisch 2017 in Friedrichshafen

Aqua-Fisch logoMeet the discus and fish food experts at the booth of Discusfood. We exhibit at the great aquaristic trade show Aqua Fisch 2017 in Friedrichshafen/Germany. From March 10. to 12. you find us on booth #B5-740. We are looking forward to present you several new products and we are ready to answer any question. The whole product range of Discusfood will be exhibited. Hope to see you in Friedrichshafen.

Aqua-Fisch 2017 from 10th to 12th of March.

Discusfood's booth at the fair Aqua-Expo Tage 2016 in Dortmund/Germany

Discusfood’s booth at the fair Aqua-Expo Tage 2016 in Dortmund/Germany

Click on the logo of Aqua-Fisch to get more information about the fair.

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New way of fish nutrition

Fresh Deli contains natural feeding animals, which were gently preserved in a unique process. Full preservation of all nutrients. Easy to store, easy to use.
Thanks to Fresh Deli feeding natural nourishment is easy as never before. Shake bottle with feed animals shortly, unscrew it and enter a portion of feed in a sieve. Rinse shortly and then feed. No thawing, no odor pollution, no risk of germs, no skin contact to the feed. Absolutely fresh goods, ready at any time. Storage like dry food.

  • – natural feeding animals of highest quality
  • – fresh and gentle processing
  • – with valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • – enriched with vitamins and trace elements
  • – germ free according to microbiological and bacteriological examination
  • – free of preservatives

Items available: Bloodworm 125ml bottle, item no. 22120 and White mosquito larvae 125ml bottle, item no. 22200

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