Why it is necessary to mineralize soft-water aquaria.

Discus Minerals – minerals and trace elements for Discus
Pure water (H2O) is an inhospitable place. Only by dissolved minerals, trace elements and humic substances arises a healthy environment. Discus Minerals by Discusfood contains a balanced mixture of minerals and trace elements such as found in natural waters. Discus Minerals enriches the water on essential magnesia, calcium and potassium compounds.

For soft-water tanks, demineralized water without any natural ingredients is used, mostly generated by reverse osmosis systems or by ion exchanger. Discus Minerals compensates for the lack of minerals and trace elements. The water will be mineralized. Discus Minerals is especially optimized for soft-water biotopes. Discus Minerals prevents of damage from mineral lack. It generates a healthy aquarium water. Discus Minerals contains no sodium chloride (cooking salt) and does not increase the carbonate hardness.

discus_minerals_gruppeDiscus Minerals

  • is readily soluble
  • contains no sodium chloride (cooking salt)
  • does not increase the carbonate hardness
  • improves spawning readiness
  • prevents fungus infection at fish spawn
  • increases the reproduction rate
  • optimises the general growth
  • prevents misforming of fish
  • ensures stable water conditions in aquaria
  • helps at the regeneration of filter bacteria

When using demineralized water (e.g. from RO systems) dose 15 g Discus Minerals to 100 l of water. When using mineral poor water such as soft tap water dose 10 g to 100 l of water. Discus Minerals is readily soluble. Dissolve the needed quantity of the mineral mixture completely in a separate container with water. When solved put the solution slowly into the aquarium. 1 g to 10 liters increases hardness by ca. 3° GH and conductance by ca. 150 μS/cm.

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