New way of fish nutrition

Fresh Deli contains natural feeding animals, which were gently preserved in a unique process. Full preservation of all nutrients. Easy to store, easy to use.
Thanks to Fresh Deli feeding natural nourishment is easy as never before. Shake bottle with feed animals shortly, unscrew it and enter a portion of feed in a sieve. Rinse shortly and then feed. No thawing, no odor pollution, no risk of germs, no skin contact to the feed. Absolutely fresh goods, ready at any time. Storage like dry food.

  • – natural feeding animals of highest quality
  • – fresh and gentle processing
  • – with valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • – enriched with vitamins and trace elements
  • – germ free according to microbiological and bacteriological examination
  • – free of preservatives

Items available: Bloodworm 125ml bottle, item no. 22120 and White mosquito larvae 125ml bottle, item no. 22200

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