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Catappa Royal

One of the most powerful antibacterial natural products.
It has natural antibiotic and fungicidal properties.

  • supports and strengthens the immune system of your fish
  • Can significantly improve the quality of the fish water by reducing germs
  • The spawn is better protected against fungal attack
  • Fish suffering from fin rot and inflammation can recover more quickly

All of these factors have a positive effect in the fight against fish diseases such as the spot disease in tetras, the so-called glottal eye disease and the hole disease in discus fish. The mucous membranes are protected particularly effectively.
The rich premium concentrate is particularly suitable when setting up a new aquarium, as well as when setting up a breeding tank, when keeping sensitive fish species, during the transport of a fish to a new aquarium, during a bacterial disease of the fish or during the spawning phase of discus fish and other species. Create water that is suitable for fish with a 100 % natural product.

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Artemia/ Brine Shrimps Microgranulate 50%

Artemia/ Brine Shrimps Microgranulate 50% 45g

The softing prevents the granules from swelling in the aquarium water or in the digestive tract of the fish and at the same time increases the acceptance of the food. With a grain size of approx. 0.1 mm, this complete food is excellently suited for the efficient rearing of fish larvae and juveniles and can help even the smallest representatives such as larvae of Bettas or Corydoras to become „big and strong“. Since the fine granules are distributed almost evenly throughout the tank, the supply of the greatest possible number of young is guaranteed.

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