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Breeder Starter Food I Softgranulate 500g

Breeder Starter Food I Softgranulate 500g
for fish from 1 – 3 cm

As soon as young discus are able to pick up their food from the bottom, the „Breeder Starter Food 1“ is the ideal staple food for raising. In practice, from the fifth day of free swimming, live Artemia nauplii are offered in addition to the nutrient slime of the parents. Already a few days later the young animals eat fallen nauplii also from the bottom. From this time on you can start to offer this high quality food to promote the growth optimally. From a size of approx. 3 cm the young Discus should be offered the somewhat larger „Breeder Starter Food 2“ as a follow-up food. Also suitable for breeding other species!
Feed your young fish 5 – 8 times daily!

Ingredients: fish meal, wheat gluten, krill meal, vegetable by-products, wheat, lecithin, fish oil, multivitamin complex, colorants.
Analytical components: Crude protein 51.2%, crude fat 6.5%, crude ash 9.6%, crude fiber 0.8%.
Additives per kg: Vitamins: A (3a672a) 20000 IU, D3 (3a671) 2000 IU; with colorants; trace elements: Mn (3b503) 10 mg, Zn (3b605) 24 mg; with antioxidants.
Complete feed for ornamental fish!
Feeding recommendation: Feed 2-3 times daily as much as the fish eat within 2-5 minutes. Do not overfeed the fish!


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