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Amazon Tonic 500 ml

Amazon Tonic 500 ml

Amazon Tonic contains valuable and highly effective secondary plant substances (e.g. tannins). During the rainy season, large quantities of these substances are washed into the water in natural habitats. Fish and other inhabitants are well adapted to these substances. Their positive effects have been scientifically proven and form the basis of natural medicine. Amazon Tonic brings these plant substances and their positive effects into the aquarium.

– Amazon Tonic prevents diseases and spawning damage by means of natural tannins
– increases spawning readiness / prevents spawning fungi
– Amazon Tonic protects the mucous membrane
– supports the immune system in a natural way
– reduces the germ load of the water
– Amazon Tonic creates natural conditions in soft water biotopes
– offers effective disease prophylaxis
– does not color the water

Amazon Tonic is a product made from purely natural extracts of special tree barks and plants from South America. Native peoples there have long used their active ingredients as natural remedies for many diseases.

Amazon Tonic is safe and easy to use. Recommended dosage 10 ml per 100 l. If the fish are unwell or for regular prophylaxis, top up with 10 ml per 100 l. Even multiple overdosing is harmless for fish. Depending on the dosage, there is a slight change in pH and conductivity. Optimal in combination with Natural Humin from DISCUSFOOD for the production of natural black water.


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