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Discus Protector 480g for 30L

Discus Protector 480g for 30 L

Discus & Fish Protector for 30l quick quarantine.

Discus & Fish Protector prevents the risk of infection by new fish of foreign origin. Works optimally with discus and many other ornamental fish. Fish from different aquariums and facilities are carriers of different germs. If fish of different origin are mixed, a so-called „bacterial incompatibility“ can occur. Often the entire old stock falls ill. Expensive treatments are the result. When used correctly, Discus & Fish Protector prevents the spread of such a disease in most cases and thus protects your valuable fish stock.
Discus & Fish Protector is a carefully balanced mixture of high-quality antibacterial substances embedded in a natural carrier substance. The entire contents of the package are dissolved in an external container with 30 liters of aquarium water, and the new additions are bathed in it according to instructions BEFORE they are placed in the aquarium. Discus & Fish Protector has a preventive effect, i.e. before any disease occurs.

– Clean empty container suitable for holding 30 liters of water in the vicinity of the new (aquarium, pond, etc.) near the new housing of the fish.
– Have suitable landing net ready for transfer.
– Prepare timer such as stopwatch, timer of smartphone or similar to accurately keep the treatment time.
– Accustom fish to be treated to the water of the new environment, e.g. by Temperature adjustment and water exchange in the transport container.
– Fill the container with 30 liters of suitable water, e.g. from the aquarium or pond.
– Add the entire contents of one package of Discus & Fish Protector to the container and dissolve.
– Aerate the tank if a larger quantity of fish is present. Water movement also ensures optimal dissolution of the dissolution of the active substances.
– Take the fish to be treated out of the transport water and carefully place it in the tank without container without transport water.
– The treatment time must be at least 15 minutes, but must not exceed 17 minutes.
Be sure to check with a stopwatch or similar.
– Fish may float on the surface or breathe heavily during treatment. Detachment of the mucous membrane are possible.
– Immediately after the end of the treatment, carefully transfer the fish to the aquarium using a landing net.
– The treatment may cause cloudiness of the skin and eyes, as well as irritation of the gills. gills. These symptoms are normal and disappear after one or two days.
– The transport water must not come into contact with the aquarium or pond water!

Q: May I divide the contents and dissolve them in smaller quantities each time?
A: NO, never! The entire contents must be dissolved at once! However, you can dissolve the entire contents of the bag in 30 liters and use the solution in parts separately.
Q: Why is it necessary to dissolve the entire contents of the bag in 30 liters of water?
A: Discus & Fish Protector consists of precisely matched components. Some of these high quality components are contained in very small dosages. A division of the content amount leads to dangerous shifts of the total active ingredients!
Q: How does Discus & Fish Protector work?
A: Discus & Fish Protector has an antiseptic and cell destroying effect. The plasmids of bacteria are destroyed by osmotic action.
Q: Why do the animals secrete parts of their mucous membranes during or after the short bath?
A: The parts of the mucous membranes that are affected by bacteria and external parasites are shed.

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