Discus Protector for 10l quick quarantine

Discus Protector - quick quarantine for 10 l.Effect of Discus Protector!
Discus Protector by Discusfood prevents the risk of infection by new fish of external origin. Fish from different systems are carrier of different pathogenic germs. Mixing fish from different origins, may cause so-called „x-contamination“. Often the entire old fish stock falls ill. Correctly used, Discus Protector prevents the spread of such a disease in about 95% of all cases. Your valuable fish stock will be protected.
What is Discus Protector?
Discus Protector by Discusfood is a carefully balanced mixture of high-quality anti-bacterial acting substances, which are imbedded in a natural carrier substance.
How to use Discus Protector!
Dissolve the entire content of one package in a clean bucket containing water. The new arrivals must be bathed BEFORE they come into contact with the old fish population. Discus Protector acts as a preventive, before disease occurs. Do not use on crustaceans and other invertebrates.

Our product Discus & Fish Protector contains the same high-quality ingredients as Discus Protector. It is made for use in 30 liters of water. Follow the link to learn more.
Discus & Fish Protector – quick quarantine

Q: May I devide the content and dissolve it in smaller bulks?
A: NO, never. The complete content must be dissolved at one time and is intended for one single use!
Q: Why does the entire content have to be dissolved in 10 liters of water?
A: Discus Protector consists of a wide range of components that are exactly matched to each other. Some of these high-quality ingredients are present in very low quantity. A division of the contents leads to dangerous shifts of the total active ingredients!
Q: How does Discus Protector operate?
A: Discus Protector acts antiseptically and cell-destroying. The plasmids of bacteria will be destroyed by the osmotic effect.
Q: Why do parts of the mucous membranes fall off during or after the short bath?
A: The parts of the mucous membrane which are infected by bacteria and external parasites are repelled.

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